AICP Boot Camps

AICP Boot Camp Series
Thursday, June 6th 2019
Helen Mills Theater
137 W 26th St.
New York, NY 10001

AICP's annual Boot Camp series features two sessions, Business Affairs and Post Production. Both seminars offer insights you can take back to your office and implement immediately.

9:00am - 12:00pm
Post Production Boot Camp

Session 1: 
The AICP Audio Spec - Social & Beyond
On the heels of the AICP Broadcast Spec released in 2018, and in light of the myriad audio specs used for the transmission of audio on social, web and mobile platforms, the AICP is working with AES, iab TECH LAB, Ad-ID  and other stakeholders to develop a mezzanine audio spec that can allow our post members to deliver a single mix for all platforms. Harold Geller (Ad-ID) moderates a panel discussion which looks at the issues and complications with delivering audio for the various platforms and what can be done to bridge the differences with a common deliverable.

Moderator: Harold Geller, Executive Director, Ad-ID
Joyce Chen, Head of Production, Facebook
Richard Klosa, Chief Technology Officer, Yangaroo
Ryan Schnizlein, Chief Technology Officer, Cutters Studios

Session 2: Where'd That Come From?

We often like to think that we understand how decisions get made on the post side of the ball. But for most artists, the pieces of the world to which they turn for inspiration can turn out to be unexpected, seemingly disconnected and ultimately, invisible to the rest of us. What completely unseen influences and surprising references inform the choices that wind up driving the work of editors, audio engineers, designers and colorists? Chris Franklin of BIG SKY EDIT moderates this panel looking at the submerged pieces of creative thinking which culminate in the choices artists make.

Moderator: Chris Franklin, Owner & Editor, BIG SKY EDIT
Rob Ballingall, Sound Designer/Engineer/Composer, Sonic Union
Jim Helton, Editor, Final Cut
Pedro Lavin, Art Director, Psyop
Kath Raisch, Colorist, Company 3

Session 3: 
VFX - The Making Of
With more and more productions happening on a shoestring budget and a pinched schedule, post continues to be asked to perform miracles with fewer resources and less time. So how do the top visual effects companies in the country continue to make outstanding work and push the envelope in this environment? Daniel Morris of Blacksmith and Alvin Cruz of MPC walk through two recent projects and show the creative process behind the process while explaining what makes a great spot and how today’s challenges often leave production relying even more heavily on the nimble and imaginative shoulders of the industry’s visual effects artists.

Moderator: Roe Bressan, Owner, Navigating
Alvin Cruz, Creative Director, MPC
Daniel Morris, VFX Supervisor/Lead Artist, Blacksmith

12:00pm - 1:00pm
Lunch & Learn: Critical Financial Changes in the Media World – Are You Prepared?*

Sponsored by City National Bank (Boxed Lunch Provided)

The past few years brought overhauls to tax rules and accounting principles that directly affect production and post production companies:

  • Are you up to date with the global market changes?
  • Are you aware of how to monetize your anticipated tax incentives or sales/license fees?
  • Do you understand the New Accounting Principles or the New Tax Rules that apply to your business?
  • Do you know which is best: buying, leasing or renting your equipment?

If Not, then you need to attend this luncheon!

Moderator: Cathy Shannon, Executive Vice President, RadicalMedia
Rebecca Drake, Vice President, Equipment Finance, First American Equipment Finance
John Hadity, Executive Vice President, EP Financial Solutions
Tomoko Iwakawa, SVP & Senior FX Advisor, City National Bank
Richard Stern, Partner,
Marks Paneth

*Lunch & Learn Panel is open to Boot Camp Bundle holders, as well as attendees of the morning Post Production Boot Camp and afternoon Business Affairs Boot Camp.

1:00pm - 4:00pm
Business Affairs Boot Camp

Session 1: The Agency, Production, and Post: Are You Getting the Information You Need to Succeed?

How agency specs affect the workflow and why it’s important for all the principal players to have a seat at the table.

Moderator: Kat Friis, Chief Production Officer, Phenomenon
Neysa Horsburgh, Managing Director, Psyop

Joanna Manning, Executive Producer, Whitehouse Post
Ashley McKim, Vice President | Short Form, Company 3

Donna Portaro, Executive Producer, RadicalMedia

Session 2: The New SAG-AFTRA Contracts: Innovation & Flexibility

Get an overview of the new contracts’ structure from the principal negotiators.

Stacy Marcus, Partner, Reed Smith LLP & Chief Negotiator, The Joint Policy Committee, LLC
Lori Hunt, Executive Director, Commercials Contracts, SAG-AFTRA

Session 3: Lawyers on the Clock, Round VIII

The ever-popular Lawyers on the Clock returns with a group of attorneys who have to do the impossible – answer a legal question in two minutes or less.

Topics will include:

  • Responsibilities of Ad Agencies and Production Companies for False Advertising
  • Recent Developments in the Use of Influencers
  • Legal Issues Surrounding the Use of Art and Sculpture in Commercials
  • Recent Hot Issues for the FTC
  • Client Direct Contracts – Square Peg Round Hole (Still)
  • Agency PO’s for Post – Is an Update Coming (Please)?
  • How to Work with Your Lawyer to Get What You Need
  • Caps on Liability for Master and Sync Music Licenses, Why Do These Exist?
  • Dealing with Product Demonstrations… Disclosing Mock Ups / Shooting Practically / Screen Images Simulated / Sequences Shortened
  • Talent Agreements – Mutual Morals Clauses
  • Licensing at the Speed of Light – How Do You Get Legally Binding Commitments for Properties When the Production is Happening on Monday and the Budget was Approved Friday?
  • Recent Developments in the Law of Idea Theft in an Advertising Context

Moderator: Adam Cohen, Partner, Kane Kessler
Jeffrey Greenbaum, Managing Partner, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC
Joseph Lewczak, Partner, Davis & Gilbert LLP
Roberta Wolff, Esq.

Pricing Per Boot Camp:
AICP Members: $125
Non-members: $145

Bundle (attend both)
AICP Members: $210
Non-Member: $250

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