AICP Seminars

The AICP's highly successful Production Training Seminar was created to advance industry standards and develop consistency of production skills. This in-depth series of classes offers a detailed examination of the production process, and the role of the production staff.

This course is taught by well-known commercial production professionals.


  • Producers/Production Supervisors/Assistants who want an update on digital production, union rules, bidding
  • Producers/Production Supervisors/Assistants who have recently returned to the field
  • Coordinators who want to make sure they are covering all the bases

DAY 1:

Crew Labor and Unions

  • Basic obligations, right-to-work, independent contractors, union vs non-union
  • Collective bargaining agreements

Partnering With the Financial Department

  • Knowing Your Reporting Requirements for Employees and Independent Contractors
  • Forms and Legal Issues
  • Production Insurance and Insurance Certificates

The Bid

  • Breakdown of the bidding process today
  • Details of the Bid Form

DAY 2:
Boards to Broadcast

  • A Live Action job example

Pitch to Delivery

  • A Digital job example