Post Production Specific Considerations

Consider assigning defined roles to specific employees, for example:

  • COVID-19 Compliance Manager: Assures that all employees, visitors, clients are aware of protocols and are following them. Has responsibility for education of freelance workers in new protocols.
  • PPE Manager: Maintains current knowledge of PPE use, quantities, stock, location, disposal.
  • Deliveries Manager: Administers receipt of and the sanitizing of all items arriving in the workplace such as packages, couriers, food, etc. 
  • Food Distribution: Strictly limits those responsible for serving food, using the strict sanitized processes.
  • Assign workstations and disallow sharing of equipment, computer peripherals (keyboards, mice, Wacom tablets, etc.).
  • Establish methodology for determining maximum suite occupancy for sessions and post clearly in each suite. Limit session attendance to match occupancy guideline.
  • Consider a staggering schedule of supervised sessions to minimize studio occupancy.
  • Maintain a list of session attendees sorted by the rooms they occupy.
  • Consider steps to meet all guidelines for ventilation of suites with closed doors.
  • Schedule supervised sessions based on maximum capacity allowed to maintain adequate social distancing.
  • Discuss with the client any corporate policies they may have a bearing on in-person meetings.
  • Consider offering hybrid approaches to supervised sessions such as:
    ○ Artist in facility / Client remote supervising
    ○ Artist Remote / Client in facility
    ○ Artist and Client remote, Editorial Assistant in facility
    ○ Limited number of in-person sessions to be allocated as desired (i.e.: approvals only, approvals & conform, etc.)
  • Create a policy for the studio and conduct regular counts of occupants per floor, per session and per office throughout the day.
  • Maintain count of occupants at reception and post clearly visible maximum occupancy signage at entrance.
  • Wherever the potential exists for lines to form, it may be helpful to mark 6’ separation increments (kitchen, bathrooms, elevator banks, emergency exits, etc) to aid in social distancing.
  • In all open work spaces or bullpens, consider alternate layouts, such as alternate desks / workspaces in a checkerboard pattern, disable alternating desks, or remove them entirely if they do not allow for recommended social distance.
  • Consider how to maximize usage of studio floor plan to spread out all personnel.
  • If possible, add panels between desks including height adjustable panels for sit / stand desks.
  • Specify permanent seat assignments for all personnel.
  • Reduce capacity of larger existing spaces—e.g., remove some chairs from conference rooms and post new maximum capacity.

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