AICP Committment to Change

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On the third Wednesday of every month, AICP will be presenting Zoom webinars highlighting organizations that exist to create opportunities across the spectrum of filmmaking, advertising and marketing for people of color, specifically the Black community. As a major part of the AICP’s commitment to this mission, we are taking away the perceived barriers  for why we can’t find diverse talent to fill our ranks.  Every month, you will have an opportunity to invest in an organization that will make your company better and make good on those pledges to do your part. The webinars will be open to the entire industry, not just the AICP membership. The ultimate goal of these presentations is to facilitate the action required for companies across our industry to move towards lasting change. Consider these sessions your introduction.  We are counting on you to dig in, act, and collectively create a more inclusive and equitable commercial industry. 

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The presenting organizations offer insight and tools for providing access, exposure and opportunity to underrepresented talent across the filmmaking, advertising and marketing landscape.

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Presenting Organizations:
Bid Black
The Marcus Graham Project

The programs featured show how companies can donate time and energy to provide meaningful access and education about the advertising and marketing industry to create the next generation of change leaders. This includes mentoring, access to internships, as well as information about how the industry operates.

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Presenting Organizations:
Made in Her Image 
The Entertainment Industry College Outreach Program & HBCU LA
Commercial Directors Diversity Program (CDDP)

The programs featured offer participants training and job placement in the production and post industries.

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Presenting Organizations:
Made in New York PA Training Program 
Made in New York Post Production Training Program