Benjy Brooke


Benjy studied painting, illustration and animation "in the fine art context" at the University of Pennsylvania, and found modest work as a budding animator in NYC from 2010-2014 — but it took a move to upstate NY in his mid-twenties for his voice as a traditional animator and director to begin to mature.  He attributes the development of his craft to the serenity (and low cost of living) of life in Ithaca with his partner Tess and their dog Nuala.

After woodshedding upstate for a number of years, Benjy emerged as one of the leading voices in traditional indie animation with his 2016 film Power Hungry, and has since produced work for Cartoon Network, GKIDS, Disney, Warner Bros, ABC and Adult Swim.

In 2017 he was a lead animator on the Emmy-winning team for the title sequence to David Blaine’s ABC special The Spectacle of the Real (Buck), and nominated for another Emmy in the same category for the Ducktales reboot title sequence (Golden Wolf). In 2018, he signed on as a director at Hornet, where he designed and directed a special musical sequence for WB’s Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

Benjy recommends living in the woods and getting a dog.

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