Michael Kaliski

Good Planet Innovation

Michael Kaliski launched Good Planet Innovation in 2011 as a culmination of over 25 years in the media production, philanthropic, and sustainability sectors. Good Planet’s mission is to inspire a shift in consumer behavior on a global scale through the integration of sustainable, healthy, and ethically made products into major film and TV content as well as shift the entertainment and commercial production industries towards more sustainable practices.  Good Planet has integrated countless sustainable products and has saved several tons of waste from going to landfill since its inception. Michael originally founded Good Planet Innovation as a compliment to Omniquest Media, a trans-platform media company dedicated to producing humanitarian and environmental themed projects. Michael has since expanded Good Planet’s reach to cover live events such as the Global Citizen Festival in NYC and Live Nation’s new sustainability program. He is integrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into the process to ensure these efforts become global standards for the production industries. Michael also actively supports several charitable organizations in areas of environment, animal welfare, and humanitarian issues.

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