Base Camp Amenities

Angelika Film Center
18 W Houston St.
New York, NY 10012

AICP Base Camp is the central gathering place for AICP Week guests. Attendees with AICP Awards All Access Passes are welcome at the Base Camp June 7th to 9th to view 2022 AICP Awards screenings, attend a series of industry-relevant discussions, charge up devices, grab a snack or beverage, and reconnect with colleagues and friends.

Wi-Fi Sponsored by O Positive
Network Name: ANGELIKA

Breakfast Provided on Wednesday by Production Service Network

Lunch on Wednesday Provided by The Mill

Lunch on Thursday Provided by Wrapbook

Happy Hour on Tuesday Sponsored by Rattling Stick and Friends

AICP Post Hall of Fame Happy Hour on Wednesday Sponsored by Warner Chappell Music

Water Bottles Provided by S'well

Charging Station Sponsored by Taylor & Taylor

Concessions Provided by Videohelper

Base Camp Volunteer T-Shirts Sponsored by CDJ Casting

Base Camp Wristbands Sponsored by Sling Shot Intergalactic

For those attending any AICP Week events, including those at the AICP Week Base Camp and the AICP Awards gala at MoMA, we ask that you take a COVID test the morning of the event as a courtesy to other guests.

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