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Commitment to Change: Establishing a Career Path Through Access

The organizations presenting provide access to students and young people via internships and training for careers across the filmmaking spectrum, including a pathway to union membership.

The CineCares Foundation
Sheila R. Brown, Executive Director
The CineCares Foundation invests in innovative, sustainable programs that empower the youth of Chicago through education and job training in TV and Film. CineCares is devoted to empowering Chicago residents from underserved communities on the west and south sides through education and job training in TV & Film and has one of the most successful job training programs, the CineCares' Mirkopoulos Internship Program (MIP), in the film industry.

Hollywood CPR
Laura Peterson
, Founder
Hollywood CPR is a non-profit organization with a 24-year history of training students to start working in key, union-recognized, entry-level positions. It offers vocational education across fifteen (15) trades and skills required for careers in the Artists, Crafts, and Technicians departments of the entertainment industry. Hollywood CPR helps the most in need - its student body reflects our actual community where all people work together for a common cause: art.  To ensure best-in-class teaching, Hollywood CPR actively collaborates with and employs union instructors that guide and mentor students in the skills required for success in the competitive entertainment industry.


On the third Wednesday of every month, AICP presents webinars highlighting organizations that exist to create opportunities across the spectrum of filmmaking, advertising and marketing for people of color, specifically the Black community. (To view the participating organizations from previous sessions, please click here.) As a major part of the AICP’s commitment to this mission, we are taking away the perceived barriers  for why we can’t find diverse talent to fill our ranks.  Every month, you will have an opportunity to invest in an organization that will make your company better and make good on those pledges to do your part. The webinars will be open to the entire industry, not just the AICP membership. The ultimate goal of these presentations is to facilitate the action required for companies across our industry to move towards lasting change. Consider these sessions your introduction.  We are counting on you to dig in, act, and collectively create a more inclusive and equitable commercial industry.