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Commitment to Change: Providing Career Pathways

This installment focuses on organizations that provide access and education to filmmakers forging careers across the production industry in above-the-line and below-the-line categories.

Participanting Organizations:

Academy Gold
Bettina Fisher, Director of Educational Initiatives, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Niti Shah, Director Academy Gold Talent Development, Diversity & Inclusion Program, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The Academy Gold Program is a talent diversity and inclusion initiative designed to enhance internship experiences under the Academy brand. The initiative will ultimately cement, strengthen and clarify long-standing but independent efforts to address concerns of accessibility and opportunity for underrepresented communities throughout our country.

The Academy offers unprecedented and exclusive access to industry professionals through its more than 9,000 members. Academy Gold works in conjunction with various studios, industry suppliers and key organizations to create an eight (8) week summer educational and networking experience as the first part of a multi-tiered program. The summer provides an emphasis on high-quality talent to help participants acquire the knowledge, skills and connections to achieve success as they navigate above-the-line and below-the-line full time careers in entertainment.:


On the third Wednesday of every month, AICP presents webinars highlighting organizations that exist to create opportunities across the spectrum of filmmaking, advertising and marketing for people of color, specifically the Black community. (To view the participating organizations from previous sessions, please click here.) As a major part of the AICP’s commitment to this mission, we are taking away the perceived barriers  for why we can’t find diverse talent to fill our ranks.  Every month, you will have an opportunity to invest in an organization that will make your company better and make good on those pledges to do your part. The webinars will be open to the entire industry, not just the AICP membership. The ultimate goal of these presentations is to facilitate the action required for companies across our industry to move towards lasting change. Consider these sessions your introduction.  We are counting on you to dig in, act, and collectively create a more inclusive and equitable commercial industry.

If you there is an organization you would like considered for the monthly Zoom, please email Kristin Wilcha at kristinw@aicp.com.