Alex Waite

Arts & Sciences

Area of Expertise: Production

Originally from Apple Valley, California,  I came to Los Angeles in 1999 to break into the film industry as a screenwriter.  Make films, make money, and get out quick.  Alas, I knew absolutely no one who worked in film.  I finally met someone at a party who knew, "a production company that does TV commercials, and they need a runner for two days.”  Great!  I jumped at the opportunity.  Two days turned into two weeks, turned into two months.  My freelance career was afoot.  I worked my way up the production ranks; producing since 2012.  I love the unique challenges of each different project, the variety of experiences, and far flung places I’ve traveled.   A friend once said, “it’s like having a back stage pass to the world".  I mostly produce commercials, but have also produced documentary, feature and art films.   I’m eager to share my experience and insights with others who may be interested in film production.