Dee Tagert

Sage Ideas

Area of Expertise: Consulting

I was born and raised in London until age 14, when my family and I moved to NYC. Where I have been ever since.

I grew up in our business on the Production side, my very first EP boss was Alice Bell, the 1st female AD in the union. Big shoes to fill. Alice taught her crew of young woman at Levinson, Israelson & Bell to make decisions, all problems could be solved with three phone calls and that we should always laugh “we make TV commercials for god’s sake”.

I moved on to RSA next, taking all Alice had taught me and learned yet more. It is a great company where I happily rubbed shoulders with some of the best coworkers ever.  We worked HARD but always remembered to have fun too. Happy to count many of the people from these two companies as dear friends today.

Next up, RGA for an action packed year, learning another side of our great industry and making more lifelong friends. The day I went to interview at RGA there was a giant storm, I had no umbrella and couldn’t get a cab. I arrived late and soaking wet, literally dripping….I think Bill Finnegan took pity on me and thankfully hired me by the time I got home!

Complete change, joining JWT working for the amazing Stephanie Apt, a wonderful mentor and boss of a truly kick a.__ production department.  A whole other angle and lots of learning. I loved my time at JWT, it gave me great insight into the business as a whole.

Back to the vendor side, jumP. I became a Partner after 2 years. Opened a Visual Effects division and the LA office. I am proud of the pivotal role I played along with my editor Partners to take jumP to a multi million dollar powerhouse shop.  Learning a ton about what to do and perhaps more importantly, what not to do!

Next up, on my own. Sage Ideas. Consulting to various production, editorial, music, vfx companies and an agency overhauling their production department. I feel so honored to work with people I love and respect and share all the knowledge I have acquired over the years. I have had some amazing mentors and hope I do them all proud. I love every aspect of our industry warts and all!

I spent 18 months rebranding Moondog to Carousel NYC, including developing their agency and content creation divisions.

Last year I launched a production company, Heads You Go West. We specialize in healthcare, education & financial advertising. My Director, Peter Rabôt has an amazing ability to coax heartwarming stories from CEO’s, Dr’s and Patients.