Dinah Rodriguez

Park Pictures

Executive Producer
Area of Expertise: Production, International Production

Dinah Rodriguez is an Executive Producer at award-winning production company Park Pictures, founded by Jackie Bisbee and Lance Acord in 1999. Dinah helped transform the company from a three-employee shop based in NY to an internationally recognized film and commercial production house with a roster of accomplished directors and offices in NY, LA and London.

Dinah grew up in Puerto Rico, and as a young 7yr old visiting New York with her grandmother the dream of being a professional woman working in the big city captured her imagination and never went away. After living and studying in France, Philadelphia and Rome, Dinah completed her B.A. in Art History and finally moved to New York to complete a Master’s degree in Cinema Studies/Ethnographic Film at NYU.  While working as a production assistant she discovered she had a knack for the nuts and bolts of film production, and after a few years of freelancing, Park Pictures came calling.  Two decades later, Dinah has produced major advertising campaigns for countless international brands, music videos and film shorts.

Fluent in four languages, Dinah’s upbringing, education, work and life experience has taught her the value of incorporating diverse perspectives and voices into film work. Dinah’s passion for travel and history allows her to keep expanding her knowledge and understanding of different worldviews. She has always been passionate about mentoring young people and about moving the needle forward in regards to women’s issues and the representation of the Other in film.

She currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband and son.