Gabrielle Lasting

Assembly Films

Line Producer
Area of Expertise: Production Management, Negotiation, Problem-solving

Born and raised in Norfolk, VA, my first job out of college was on a live TV show called “Treasures In Your Home.” Then I did a bunch of other stuff – photography, managing editor of a teen magazine, teaching English abroad, etc., before moving to the Big Apple to pursue a career in production. I landed in the world of independent films, network TV shows, and a blockbuster feature, where I worked as a union coordinator before making a beeline to commercials, where I rose up the ranks to producing.

I have spent the last four years bringing ads to life, collaborating and coordinating with crew members, directors, agencies, and brands alike, working with people all over the country. Finding creative pathways in an environment of overlapping projects, shrinking budgets, and limited timeframes has been a tremendous opportunity to hone my skills in interpersonal communication, production management, negotiation, problem-solving, and maintaining a positive, unflappable attitude throughout. (The last part was the hardest!)

With 15 years of production experience, I have learned a ton and would be delighted to share it with a student of “the biz” through this mentorship program.