Nick Fuller

Pulse Films

Head of Production
Area of Expertise: Production, Production Management

Nick holds over a decade of physical production experience, building his career with the Film and Advertising industry’s top production & talent management companies. Nick prides himself as a collaborative partner to the artists he’s worked with, both through his artistic background and production expertise.

Straight out of art school, Nick jumped into the hot seat working with the renowned production department at ICM Partners. After finding his love for physical production, he established his footing, spending several years at Anonymous Content. At Anonymous Nick worked on some of the industry’s most celebrated campaigns. Shortly after departing Anonymous to work in freelance production, he joined Stink Films as one of the original team members to open the US office, where he served 5 years as their Head of Production.

In March 2020, Nick transitioned to his current role as Head of Production for US Commercials & Branded at Pulse Films.

His current passion outside of the day to day, is to educate and mentor young & emerging members of the production community through various organizations.